Your First Appointment: Questions to Ask your OB/GYN

Obstetrics Bradenton, FL The answers to your baby questions can really help you get organized and make a game plan. It’s important to take charge of your pregnancy and research what you need to know to stay happy and feeling confident. For example, once you know when you’ll start feeling the baby kick, you’ll stop spending time worrying why your baby isn’t kicking.
Keep reading for some great questions to consider asking you OB/GYN during your first baby appointment.

Your Health

• How much weight should I gain as the baby grows, and at what rate?
• Do I have an increased risk of any specific complications?
• What screenings do I need and when should I schedule them?
• What kind of diet should I follow? What should I eat more of, and what should I eat less of?
• Should I be doing normal exercises or should I be exercising at all?
• Are there any restrictions on sex throughout my pregnancy?
• If I’m planning on traveling, should I avoid traveling at any point in my pregnancy?
• What over-the-counter medications are safe, and in what amount? Are there any I should avoid?
• Are the prescription medications I’m currently taking safe? If not, then what should I take instead?

Your Baby’s Health

• Which prenatal vitamin do you recommend, if any?
• Which prenatal classes do you recommend, if any?
• What position should I sleep in?
• What symptoms should I expect, and how can I manage them? What’s normal, and what should I call you about?
• What should I do if I feel sick and have a fever?
• What is your position on… Inductions? Scheduled c-sections? Epidurals and other pain medications? Episiotomies? Vacuum and forceps usage? IVs and EFMs? Delayed cord clamping?
• When is a good time to call you with questions? Who should I call if you aren’t available? Can I email you if I have questions?

If your questions weren’t on this list, or you just want to learn more or need an appointment, please call us at (941) 745-5115.

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