Common STDs You Don’t Want

Gynecology Bradenton, FL When it comes to sex, we wish it was all about enjoying your partner’s company. Unfortunately, real life involves STDs and tricky situation that require delicate handling. Some STDs are taken care of with a round of antibiotics, while others are going to stick around for a lot longer than you bargained for. So, keep reading to learn more about how to keep yourself safe and keep your health intact all year long.

Prevention is Key

Keep each other safe so you can have fun. Get tested on a regular basis, and encourage your partner to get tested, too. If you’re concerned about your partner’s STD status, use the barrier method to cut down your chances of contracting an STD or skip the sex until they do get a chance to get tested.

Common STDs


According to WebMD, Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD in the U.S. It’s a bacterial disease, which means that it’s treated with antibiotics and can be completely eradicated. It’s spread by vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Symptoms don’t always show, and only 25% of women and 50% of men usually show symptoms.


Gonorrhea is another very common bacterial STD that people contract often. You may get Gonorrhea along with Chlamydia (not the two-for-one you look forward to). The symptoms are similar so you may not even know you have more than one issue going on. Symptoms for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea include pain or burning while urinating, or an unusual discharge coming from the vagina or penis. If your partner has something going on, skip sex and get tested together.


Unfortunately, Herpes is not easy to prevent, and it’s easy to contract. Skin-to-skin contact is all it takes, and your can pass the virus along even if you don’t have blisters (though you’re most contagious when there are blisters present). This is an incurable disease, though you can take medication to manage Herpes.

STDs are not a fun part of being an adult, but being responsible can help keep you and your partner out of situations that require medical intervention for a week, or for the rest of your life. Call us at (941) 745-5115 to schedule a consultation today.

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