Heavy Or Abnormal Bleeding

Gynecology Bradenton, FL There are so many different ways we can see ourselves. We can become more confident without gaining or losing a pound, just by adjusting our attitude. We could be self conscious about a normal thing like our period, or we can see the positive aspects of such a bodily function. Your period helps you experience time in a way that men may not understand. And you may also be the glass-is-half-full type by realizing that every period tells you that you’re not pregnant

Though we can find the positive in our periods, heavy or abnormal periods cause serious concerns. If you feel that your flow isn’t what it should be, then keep reading.

What is abnormal?

What is normal for one woman could be extremely strange for another. This is why it’s a good idea to keep track of your menstrual cycle. Keep a journal, if that helps. How much time is between periods? How long do they usually last?

Heavy menstrual bleeding can mean more than just more frequent trips to the restroom during your time of the month. If you have an especially heavy flow, you could experience iron deficiency, or even need blood transfusions. A heavy flow may be one that requires that you change your pad or tampon more than once an hour. And if your period lasts longer than seven days, it may be time to chat.

If you feel that you have an abnormal period, we will suggest tests to help rule out various underlying issues. Fibroids, blood disorders, infection, endometriosis, or uterine cancer can all lead to heavy or abnormal bleeding. Additionally, hormone imbalances may be the cause of your heavy menstrual bleeding.

Questions to Ask Your Physician

Plan ahead before you see your physician, so you can get the most out of your visit. The following questions can be a great jumping off point.

Why are you recommending this particular treatment option for my heavy bleeding? If that doesn’t work, what would be the next recommended treatment?

Are there disadvantages and/or risks associated with each recommended treatment?

Even if you find a serious concern like fibroids or endometriosis causing my abnormal uterine bleeding, is it possible to avoid a hysterectomy?

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