Learn about the Use of Mirena IUDs for Birth Control

Women have many choices when it comes to birth control. From the pill to condoms, there is a wide selection that can help women avoid pregnancy from sexual intercourse. For many women, a birth control that requires little attention is the most desirable. At Premier OB/GYN, our team of professionals can discuss with women the birth control methods that might be best for their age and lifestyle. One commonly requested method of birth control is that of Mirena.

What is Mirena?

Mirena is one of several intrauterine devices, or IUDs, that is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. The Mirena IUD is a small t-shaped plastic that the doctor will insert into the uterus. These devices use progestin hormones to avoid pregnancy for anywhere between three to six years. Women can visit the doctor for placement of their Mirena IUD and not have to worry about getting pregnant for many years. If women decide they would like to have children, the Mirena IUD can be removed to allow for conception once again.

How does Mirena work?

The Mirena IUD will release small amounts of progestin hormones into the uterus. This hormone can prevent sperm from fertilizing the eggs. Once inserted at the clinic, women can rest easy knowing that their sexual encounters will very likely not result in pregnancy. There is still a small chance of pregnancy, though abstinence is the only fool-proof method of birth control that can avoid pregnancy entirely. Additionally, it is critical that patients understand that Mirena will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so the use of a condom is essential for protection.

What are the benefits of Mirena?

Not only does Mirena not need daily attention, it can help in reducing the symptoms of PMS. Some patients who use Mirena may also notice lighter periods with fewer cramps, making menstruation less bothersome for many women.

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