When should I see a urogynecologist?

urogynecologist When it comes to medicine, there is a doctor for essentially every area of the body. In addition, there is also a specific doctor that can help patients with pelvic floor disorders. A urogynecologist is a specialized physician that is dedicated to helping women deal with associated conditions.

What are pelvic floor disorders?

Pelvic floor disorders are conditions that can cause patients a myriad of problems including vaginal pain, incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. Women who are experiencing these problems may want to connect with a urogynecologist who can help. Urogynecologists focus on the organ and muscles in the female pelvis. These structures can be impacted due to obesity, childbirth, or even sports injuries.

What does a urogynecologist do?

Urogynecologists in the United States require a special certification process to receive this title. They focus on ensuring the area of the female pelvis is healthy and functioning at its best. Women may experience pelvic floor disorders at any time during their reproductive years. Heavy lifting at the gym or even with small children can result in problems such as pelvic organ prolapse which causes the dropping of a pelvic organ from its natural placement. Stretching or weakening of the surrounding structures can lead to issues such as incontinence and overactive bladder. A urogynecologist referral can assist women in finding a solution to their concerns in a discreet and helpful manner.

What symptoms may develop that may require the assistance of a urogynecologist?

Below are some of the symptoms that can indicate the need for evaluation by a urogynecologist:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Pain in pelvis, genitals, or rectum
  • Painful or uncomfortable sexual intercourse
  • Urinary issues including painful urination or continued urges
  • Constipation/bowel straining
  • Pelvic region pressure
  • Pelvic muscle spasms
  • Dropping of pelvic organs through the vaginal canal

These conditions may be caused by anything from childbirth to nerve damage. With proper evaluation and diagnosis, many women can seek treatment right for their unique needs.

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