Are you considering Mirena?

Mirena | Premier OBGYN | Bradenton, FL Women considering birth control options might be overwhelmed at the available solutions at Premier OB/GYN. However, with the help of our doctors, many women can find the contraceptive method that works best for their sexual health and lifestyle. Our Bradenton, FL area team may encourage patients to consider IUD’s such as Mirena to protect against pregnancy for an extended period of time, while having the option to have it removed to conceive.

What is Mirena?

Mirena is a type of IUD, or “intrauterine device.” It releases hormones over time to provide 99% effective contraceptive. It can prevent pregnancy up to five years, or less if removed. This contraceptive is a small, flexible plastic device that contains levonorgestrel, a hormone that can help in preventing pregnancy. A doctor places the IUD during an in-office procedure. Mirena is approved by the FDA for both contraceptive purposes and as a treatment for women who experience heavy periods.

How does Mirena prevent pregnancy?

The idea behind Mirena is the slow release of levonorgestrel. This hormone can thicken the uterine lining and cervical mucus to not keep sperm from entering into the uterus, but to keep it from reaching and fertilizing an egg from the ovaries. The IUD, however, does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so women are strongly advised to have their partner wear a condom to reduce the risk of contracting these diseases if their partner has been diagnosed.

How do I know if Mirena is right for me?

Women who might be a good candidate for Mirena may include women who are unsure if they want more children, are happy with their current family size and want to consider a birth control that doesn’t require daily attention. Additionally, women who have heavy periods may be able to enjoy relief from them with the use of an IUD such as Mirena. Contacting your healthcare provider is the first step in finding out if Mirena is appropriate for you!

Are you considering Mirena as a contraceptive for yourself?

Find out if you are a proper candidate for Mirena by scheduling a consultation visit with our doctors at Premier OB/GYN. Our office is conveniently located at 5323 4th Avenue and can be reached by phone at (941) 745-5115. We accept new and current patients into our practice for reproductive health concerns.

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