What is gestational diabetes, and what causes it?

You have a lot to worry about during your pregnancy. But there are certain conditions that can develop that may require women to seek effective treatment for the health of themselves and their unborn baby. A common problem that can occur during pregnancy is that of gestational diabetes. With early diagnosis and intervention, many women are not negatively impacted with this diagnosis. At Premier OB/GYN of Bradenton, FL, we are pleased to offer diagnosis and treatment recommendations for this and other conditions that can occur throughout pregnancy.

What is gestational diabetes?

The providers at Premier OB/GYN describe gestational diabetes as a condition that impacts pregnancy women and can cause high glucose levels in the blood that can harm you and your baby. Most women who are diagnosed with this condition are excited to hear that the condition often goes away after childbirth, but still needs to be managed effectively until then.

What causes high blood glucose levels?

Foods that you eat are broken down into glucose, which the body uses to feed the cells of the body for energy. This is achieved with the help of insulin, which is made by the body to do this. When the body does not make enough insulin, glucose is built up in the bloodstream and causes high blood glucose levels to occur. While unborn babies need glucose to grow properly, they can’t get too much or it can cause a glucose rise in the baby’s blood. By not properly managing this condition, women are putting their child at risk of developing other complications throughout pregnancy and after childbirth.

Are you concerned about gestational diabetes?

At Premier OB/GYN, our professionals are available to help women in understanding their condition and speaking with a professional about the maintenance of gestational diabetes throughout their pregnancy—for their own health and the health of their baby. If you live in the area of Bradentown, FL and want to speak to a professional about your medical needs during pregnancy, we welcome you to book a consultation appointment at our facility located at 5323 4th Avenue. Women can contact our office by calling (941) 745-5115 to request a visit via our friendly front office team.

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