What is the Mirena IUD and who is a good fit for this birth control?

istock 1189207612 With today’s advances in medicine, there are many birth control options available for women who want to avoid pregnancy and make plans for a family when it is more convenient. If you are looking for a way to protect against pregnancy while maintaining your sexual relationship with your partner, the team at Premier OB/GYN encourages you to consider the advantages of birth control options such as the popular IUD. IUD stands for intra-uterine device. It is a tiny t-shaped device that a doctor will place inside of the woman’s uterus to protect against pregnancy. Our practice offers the Mirena IUD, which uses hormones for pregnancy prevention.

What is Mirena?

Mirena is one particular brand of IUD that releases hormones slowly over time to help women avoid conception. It is one of the most common IUDs used for pregnancy prevention, and many women find that it is incredibly effective for them. Women can have the IUD inserted during a general appointment by one of our professionals, and leave the IUD in for several years before it will need to be replaced.

Why do women choose Mirena?

Because Mirena releases hormones, it works with your body’s cycle to prevent conception. It is used by millions of women in the United States with reliable results. It is extremely effective, and the chance of pregnancy with an IUD is rare but not impossible. Many women love the ability to have a device placed and avoid daily medications they have to remember. It also allows long-term partners to eliminate the need for condoms. It is a no-fuss method of family planning that most women enjoy. It is also an affordable option for many, and may be covered by a patient’s medical insurance in part or in whole depending on their available benefits.

Is Mirena right for you?

IUD’s are a popular way for women to avoid pregnancy while avoiding the hassle of daily medications or the use of condoms with their long-term sexual partners. If you are considering an IUD and want to find out more about Mirena, our team encourages you to call our office at (941) 745-5115. We are located at 5323 4th Avenue in Bradenton, Florida.

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