What is hysteroscopy?

iStock 1076053890 2 If your doctor has advised you that a procedure such as a hysteroscopy is recommended, you may be wondering what this is and what its purpose is. With the help of the doctors at Premier OB/GYN, women can find out more. 

What is hysteroscopy? 

Hysteroscopy is a unique procedure that is performed with a device called a hysteroscope. This thin device is inserted into the vaginal canal and has a camera and light. It allows the doctor to see into the vaginal cavity and uterus to effectively spot and diagnose gynecological concerns. The doctor looks at a monitor to help guide through the female area to identify or treat problems that might exist. 

Why might my doctor recommend a hysteroscopy? 

There are several reasons why a medical provide may suggest the use of hysteroscopy. It can be used for the diagnosis or treatment of certain problems in the uterus.

Below are a few of the situations where a woman might be advised to consider hysteroscopy: 

  • Removal of adhesions
  • Diagnosis of chronic miscarriages
  • Sterilization procedures
  • Locate an IUD
  • Locate cysts
  • Find the cause of abnormal or heavy uterine bleeding
  • Removal of lesions in the uterus

What should I expect during and after the hysteroscopy procedure? 

Women should schedule their hysteroscopy at least a week after their menstrual period. This will allow for the best view of the uterus. Women may be sedated for the procedure to help them feel more relaxed. While resting on a table, the doctor will insert the hysteroscope into the vaginal canal and use the camera to guide him or her through to the uterus. The camera allows the doctor to see to diagnosis or treat certain conditions. After the hysteroscopy, women can expect some mild cramping and light discharge. This is completely normal and will resolve on its own. However, if concerns such as a fever, chills, or unusually heavy bleeding occur, it is necessary to contact a medical provider immediately for further instructions. 

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