Radiology services available at Premier OB/GYN

radiological chest x ray film for medical healthcare hospital service In Bradenton, FL, we understand many women hesitate to talk to their doctor about intimate health concerns. However, when there are issues that should be diagnosed in their earliest stages, it is critical that women converse with their doctor about any signs or symptoms that might indicate serious issues. At Premier OB/GYN, our team is here to provide several services to help diagnose certain conditions, especially with our primary radiology services available in-house. We offer many radiology services to women in-office to avoid referrals to other medical professionals in the community.

Radiology services offered by Premier OB/GYN

Below are the four primary radiology and imaging services provided by our team:

  • Full-time sonography. Our highly qualified staff provides full-time sonography services. This means that we can provide you with ultrasound exams throughout your pregnancy and 3D/4D ultrasounds to better look at your baby.
  • Bone dentistry scans (DEXA). A DEXA scan is a painless, low-dose x-ray to measure bone density. This test is essential for women at risk for osteoporosis or who have already been diagnosed with the condition.
  • Mammography. Mammography is a specialized x-ray exam of the breasts that can help detect breast cancer in its early stages. This test is typically recommended for all women over the age of 40.
  • Fetal non-stress testing. This test assesses the well-being of the fetus. It is typically done after week 32 of pregnancy and is considered a routine part of prenatal care.

These are just a few of the radiology services offered by Premier OB/GYN. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these or any other services we offer.

How do I find out if I need radiology services with the Premier OB/GYN team?

If you reside in the Bradenton, FL area and want to speak to one of our providers about the options available for the diagnosis of specific personal health concerns, call 941-745-5115 to request a consultation visit with our doctors at Premier OB/GYN. We are open to both new and returning patients in our community who are seeking quality care for women’s health and wellness.

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