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What is a colposcopy?

Women are strongly advised to have regular pap smears, or pap tests, performed during pelvic examinations. Most women will benefit from having this diagnostic test done every three years, or more in patients with a higher risk of cervical cancer. When the pap smear is performed, it is done to check for cancerous cells in …

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What is a colposcopy?

If you have received an abnormal pap smear result, this isn’t a need for immediate worry. Tests may come back abnormal for a wide range of reasons, but with proper evaluation, women can rest easy knowing that they are being proactive in maintaining their reproductive health. At Premier OB/GYN of Bradenton, FL, women who have …

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Understanding the colposcopy

Women who have had an abnormal pap smear result should not worry. There are many reasons why this diagnostic testing tool may come back with unusual results. Hormonal fluctuations and yeast infections can cause an abnormal pap smear result. However, any unusual results may require further evaluation by a medical professional. At Premier OB/GYN in …

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