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Learn more Mirena can help in avoiding pregnancy

On the market today is a wide variety of birth control options for women to consider. Each individual has a unique and specific need that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the most appropriate option. The providers at Premier OB/GYN of Bradenton, Florida are committed to providing women with birth control options that […]

Using Mirena IUD as a long-term contraceptive

Today, women have a lot of options available to them when it comes to contraceptives. Women who do not want to get pregnant, or who want to put pregnancy on hold, will want to speak to the team at Premier OB/GYN to determine the best birth control for their needs. One of the popular choices […]

Mirena | Premier OBGYN | Bradenton, FL

Are you considering Mirena?

Women considering birth control options might be overwhelmed at the available solutions at Premier OB/GYN. However, with the help of our doctors, many women can find the contraceptive method that works best for their sexual health and lifestyle. Our Bradenton, FL area team may encourage patients to consider IUD’s such as Mirena to protect against […]

Mirena | Premier OBGYN | Bradenton, FL

Learn about the Use of Mirena IUDs for Birth Control

Women have many choices when it comes to birth control. From the pill to condoms, there is a wide selection that can help women avoid pregnancy from sexual intercourse. For many women, a birth control that requires little attention is the most desirable. At Premier OB/GYN, our team of professionals can discuss with women the […]