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Urinary incontinence affects over 25 million Americans. Another 18 million are affected by bowel incontinence. These common problems can have a massive impact on your quality of life. If you do not achieve much improvement with lifestyle changes, medication, or physical therapy, there is a chance that your bladder or bowel control issues could prevent you from doing the things that you love. Though conservative treatments may seem ideal, they hold no value if they cannot successfully promote a sense of well-being.

If you're dealing with unresolved urinary incontinence, you may find relief using InterStim therapy. Premier OBGYN, LLC, we are committed to promoting wellness through personalized care. Don't continue living with the frustration of urinary incontinence. Contact us at (941) 745-5115 to learn more about this innovative method of improving bladder control.

What is InterStim® Therapy?

InterStim Therapy® is also referred to as Sacral Nerve Stimulation. It is an FDA-approved treatment for urinary retention and overactive bladder that has been used since the late 1990s. The treatment works via an implanted device that delivers mild electrical pulses to the sacral nerves that influence your bladder control. Located near the tailbone, the sacral nerves are responsible for communicating directly with the brain to regulate bladder function. If the nerves do not communicate directly, bladder control can become dysregulated. InterStim Therapy, through its electrical pulses, stimulates the nerves to maintain proper translation of bladder signals to the brain.

What Are the Benefits of InterStim Therapy?

The benefits of InterStim Therapy® have been well-documented through years of study and patient follow-up. The most significant benefit of this treatment is that the right stimulation of the sacral nerves can significantly reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence, including overactive bladder and stress urinary incontinence. The device is discreet, with the implant being positioned comfortably under your skin. You should not feel the small device, but you should feel its effects!

The majority of medical treatments that are prescribed require a commitment to long-term use. InterStim Therapy® is different. Before you commit to treatment, you undergo a brief test period of one week. This enables you to become familiar with how the treatment works and what it feels like on a daily basis before you decide whether or not you want to engage in the process long-term. If you do decide to move into a prolonged treatment program using sacral nerve stimulation, you have full control. You can decide when the device is turned on and when to leave it off. You can also choose to discontinue the neuromodulation at any time.

How Effective is InterStim Therapy?

InterStim Therapy® has been proven effective for a large percentage of patients. In one study of over 225,000 patients, 85 percent reported significant improvement within the first year of use.

Is InterStim Therapy for Both Men and Women?

Yes. At Premier OBGYN in Bradenton, FL, we may InterStim Therapy® for women dealing with urinary or fecal incontinence. However, men with either of these conditions may obtain this treatment from their primary physician or a urologist. Studies indicate that InterStim Therapy can achieve good treatment outcomes for both men and women.

How Will I Know if It Will Work for Me?

One of the things that make InterStim Therapy® unique is that it involves a test period of short-term stimulation to assess its effectiveness. The test is done over a one-week period. During the initial assessment, two tiny test wires sit beneath the skin in the sacral area above the tailbone. You will have control over the amount of stimulation that a test wire receives, and you will test one wire at a time. The first may receive stimulation for three days, then you may switch to the alternate test wire for the remainder of the week. While you should feel some tingling or other sensation from the stimulation, at no point should you experience discomfort. You can turn the stimulation up and down and off as needed throughout this week. Each day, you will keep a bladder diary to describe the frequency and other details of your bathroom habits. When you return to have the test wires removed, you and the doctor will compare your bladder diary during your test period to the bladder diary you had kept prior to the evaluation to see if the stimulation improved your symptoms. If your symptoms did improve, you can then discuss the value of long-term InterStim Therapy® use.

Will InterStim Therapy Cure My Condition?

InterStim Therapy® works by delivering continual stimulation to the sacral nerves that regulate your bladder or bowels. This stimulation does not correct the cause of weak bladder control, but it manages how well you retain urine. If you were to stop the treatment, your symptoms would return.

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Urinary incontinence is a common problem that doesn't get talked about enough. Don't continue to live with symptoms that degrade your quality of life! Contact Premier OBGYN LLC today at 941-745-5115 to schedule your consultation to discover how InterStim Therapy® might help you.


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