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Premier Patients who are pregnant or between their first pregnancy and are still of childbearing age and able to conceive qualifies for Premier Services Plus.

Premier Services Plus, Premier’s unique counseling department, begins with a meeting with our experienced Care Coordinator. Various services include a Prenatal Risk Screening, Nutrition, Tobacco Cessation, Lactation, Psycho-social counseling, and expanded Obstetric Patient Education. These services target obstetric as well as interconceptional patients and provide additional care that will promote healthier habits in women, who when becoming pregnant will produce healthier babies.

Our commitment to providing quality health care to our patients has driven us to find innovative ways to expand our services at little or no additional cost. We want your heath care to be comprehensive, convenient and affordable.

Premier Services Plus provides:

  • Premier Services Plus Care Coordinator obstetrics
    • Conducts Pregnancy Risk Screening and assessments
    • Provides educational materials on prenatal care, birth and infant care
    • Addresses patients concerns and recommends appropriate professional services as needed
    • Coordinates counseling services per patient’s request or physician’s recommendation
  • Lactation Counseling
    • Breastfeeding education is offered during your pregnancy by a certified lactation specialist. She continues to offer advice and support immediately following your delivery and is available to you after you once you and your baby at settling in at home.
  • Nutritional Counseling Licensed Psycho-Social Counseling
    • Obstetric patients are scheduled to meet with a registered nutritional counselor
    • Nutritional education/counseling may be available in group or individual sessions
  • Home visits available by a nurse or professional counseling specialist
  • Parent education and support
  • Tobacco Cessation Counseling
  • Information and referrals to community services

New Obstetric Patients:

If you are a new obstetric patient, you qualify for Premier Services Plus and will be meeting with Premier’s knowledgeable Care Coordinator shortly after your initial office visit. She will discuss questions regarding your health, diet, and everyday activities as well as conducting a pregnancy risk screening and assessment. This initial screening identifies certain “risk factors” which research has shown may adversely impact yours or your baby’s health or well-being. If specific risk factors are identified during the screening process, special services will be offered. Services may also be available for your family as well. Our goal is to give you the tools to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. And of course all of these services are strictly confidential and protected under HIPAA guidelines.

Our Premier Services Plus is provided in addition to our basic Obstetric Education program and offered at no additional cost. Our Care Coordinator will highlight the array of services available to you and encourage you to call with questions or concerns. She will be happy to coordinate an appointment with any one of our licensed and experienced counselors.

Lactation Counseling:

Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby. Breastfeeding has many health benefits for moms too! Premier OB/GYN, LLC encourages and supports moms and babies in their efforts to breastfeed. Like pregnancy and childbirth, you should learn about breastfeeding before becoming a new mom. At Premier, you have an opportunity to receive breastfeeding education during your pregnancy.

Once your baby arrives, you can receive ongoing support from a certified lactation counselor for any breastfeeding challenges.

Premier OB/GYN, LLC has an in-office breastfeeding lounge available to all new moms. If you need additional support, our lactation consultants are available to schedule an appointment to give you the help you need and to give your baby the Healthy Start he/she deserves! The lounge is also available to moms needing a baby changing station or simply a quiet area for mom and baby waiting for a scheduled appointment at the office.

Available to all Premier Patients:

  • FREE Tobacco Cessation Counseling
    • Physicians can refer any patient requiring tobacco cessation counseling to our Care Coordinator for follow up.
  • Pre-conceptional or Post-menopausal Patients
    • Currently these patients do not qualify for Premier Services Plus as outlined above. However, tobacco cessation programs are available at no charge and nutrition counseling may be available at a nominal fee and may be covered by some insurance plans. Funding is currently being sought to expand Premier Services Plus to include all of our patients and hope it will be available in the near future.
  • Gestational Diabetes Counseling
    • Gestational Diabetic Counseling will now be available on site at Premier OB/GYN, LLC. Although not included in the Premier Services Plus program, gestational diabetes counseling is generally covered by most major insurance companies and will be scheduled at your convenience.

*Premier Services Plus is sponsored by Manatee Healthy Start and Florida Department of Health and is available to qualified patients residing in Manatee County. Some services may not be available to patients resident outside of Manatee County.

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